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  2. Name: Masatsu Masatsu no mi (Friction Friction fruit)
  3. Type: Paramecia
  4. Power: User has the ability to manipulate the friction on inanimate objects through touch whether it be static, kinetic, fluid, or rolling friction. Great control can even manipulate airborne objects. A golden aura is shown on objects where the friction has been changed.
  5. Uses: Example 1: Aokiji uses Ice Age and the ice is very slippery. The user of the friction fruit would be able to manipulate any object(s) on the ice's relation with the ice to make it even more slick or more like sandpaper where the coefficient of friction is higher making it less slick.
  7. Example 2: In battle Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Pistol. The user of the friction fruit increases the frictional force of the air's drag (air friction) in order to burn Luffy's flying fist in mid air because of the motion and speed Luffy's fist is traveling against the friction and even make the flying fist slower due to it traveling against higher friction.
  8. Weaknesses: 1.) The user must touch and maintain touch until the object's friction is where the user desires it to be with whatever he/she is trying to change the friction of.
  9. 2.) There's a changing process when the fruit is used meaning the bigger the object the longer it'll take to change.
  10. 3.) Standard Devil Fruit weaknesses
  11. Abilities: 1.) Friction Increase: Increases the frictional force of an object
  12. 2.) Friction Decrease: Decreases the frictional force of an object.
  16. Name: Mitsudo Mitsudo no mi (Density Density fruit)
  17. Type: Paramecia
  18. Power: User has the ability to change anything's density through touch ranging from people to even the elements.
  19. Uses: Example 1: User changes the density of their own body to phase through solid objects.
  20. Example 2: User changes the density of air so he/she can walk on it.
  21. Weaknesses: 1.) Changing the property of something else like in example 2 will allow other people to utilize what the user is able to do as well.
  22. 2.) User must touch object being changed.
  23. 3.) Standard Devil Fruit weakness
  24. Abilities: 1.)Dense Dense Increase: Increases the density of an object to any specific density.
  25. 2.) Dense Dense Decrease: Decreases the density of an object to any specific density.
  26. 3. Dense Shift Phase: Grants user ability to phase through solid objects.
  30. Name: Ninrei Ninrei no mi (Alter Alter fruit)
  31. Type: Paramecia
  32. Power: User is able to alter the shape of any object he/she is touching, but the object's mass cannot be changed and neither can the properties of the object.
  33. Uses: Example 1: Kizaru is shooting lasers at the user, and the user has no means of dodging so he alters the shape of the ground beneath him in order to make a a fortress that will protect him/her.
  35. Example 2: User changes an enemies ship into an object that would sink rather than float.
  36. Weaknesses: 1.) User much touch object being altered.
  37. 2.) Object will stay altered unless changed back by the user.
  38. 3.) Standard Devil Fruit weaknesses
  39. Abilities: 1.) Alt Alt Change: Changes shape of object to any shape.
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